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Tag: Spirituality

  • 152 yearnings

    the mountains and the valleys the oceans and the rivers the changing of the seasons Summer Autumn Winter and Spring all attest to the depths and the yearnings of the heart

  • 150 God looked

    God looked at His creation how beautiful He thought it was the evening and the night came and passed quickly but all the same for His love which had just begun will surely last forever.

  • 149 continence

    continence of eye and ear blooming spring

  • 145 Easter Monday

    Easter Monday – “as the winds bloweth the sound thereof” Easter Monday hearing the sound of the sky

  • 144 after fast

    after fast the spring of rejuvenation – blossoms

  • 143 distracted

    distracted by an intent beyond earthly comprehension the lover looses himself in the arms of his Beloved the knowledge of this world now seems to be pebbles in life stream

  • 142 the Word

    on the Word of the prophet and the Masters we do rely even in trials to come their Word will be there to embrace what a shame that our loyalty often changes with seasons

  • 141 vernal equinox

    vernal equinox balancing my diet schedule

  • 140 finding peace

    superb arms and maneuvers do rock the earth at this moment possessions or victory do not lead on to contentment peace is laid on the inner path beyond senses and the mind

  • 139 my eyes and..

    my eyes and my ears are also on fast 40-day