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Tag: Inspirational

  • 097 reveal sijo

    though the eyes are not fitted to see glory of the Beyond they enjoy all the bounties the Creator sets before them and yet still there is this yearning for permanence to unveil


  • 096 in the footsteps

    in the foot steps of the Master – thanksgiving

  • 095 thankful sijo

    All Glory to the Giver of my body and my planet In season by His command all things passing are replenished I rejoice for in his presence how can there be loneliness

  • 094 have mercy

    have mercy on my feathered friends north wind at the ending and beginning the north wind

  • 093 free sijo

    “free at last” I wonder why these words repeat within the mind somewhat like a deep prayer, sacred mantra or magic spell the business of the world goes on as though blinded by profit

  • 092 in the air

    in the air songs of the king of kings morning snow

  • 091 laying wreaths

    laying wreaths at an empty tomb leaves of gold

  • 090 a reflection -on Poppy Day 2022

    a reflection on nature’s bliss the poppy field

  • 089 coping sijo

    caught up in the wheel of life the animal follows instinct the apex of its values is survival of the fittest as for me the choices I made will continue to haunt me

  • 088 the beaver moon

    beaver blood moon the unity of birth and death