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Category: Sijo poetry

  • 097 reveal sijo

    though the eyes are not fitted to see glory of the Beyond they enjoy all the bounties the Creator sets before them and yet still there is this yearning for permanence to unveil


  • 095 thankful sijo

    All Glory to the Giver of my body and my planet In season by His command all things passing are replenished I rejoice for in his presence how can there be loneliness

  • 093 free sijo

    “free at last” I wonder why these words repeat within the mind somewhat like a deep prayer, sacred mantra or magic spell the business of the world goes on as though blinded by profit

  • 089 coping sijo

    caught up in the wheel of life the animal follows instinct the apex of its values is survival of the fittest as for me the choices I made will continue to haunt me

  • 086 dance sijo

    The second of November and already the air dances Full of songs, Heavenly Grace, and love to all men and women Within me the child is dancing from the first note of goodwill

  • 082 Winning Sijo

    if only I had a warm and winning smile with my talents I guess that I would have made a more favoured life impression but alas my smile still reflects the weaknesses of the heart

  • 078 Maze Sijo

    Yes the world is a network of intricate relationships In which we are united, though near or far by Heaven’s Act May the Saint be my guide within even without the Huge Maze

  • 077 Festivals Sijo

    religious festivals all do celebrate our Lord and Soul In spite of their base and dress, creed and color, song and music What a joy to re-establish connectedness with the Source

  • 076 Movies Sijo

    The Samsons and Hercules are my childhood movie victors How their bulk dominated the scenes and crushed the wicked ones Yes I too would be that hero but just one of Nonviolence

  • 072 Autumn Sijo

    In Autumn among the last to shed its leaf is the willow Wonderful its leaf changes into pure gold before the end Yes I too just like this willow must be ready for next spring